The controversial owner of a leading Romanian football team has said it is "against human nature" and "dangerous" for women to play football -- adding that he would quit the sport if he was ever forced to create a women's team."I'll quit football!" Becali -- who has been convicted of kidnap and once received an award for being the most homophobic person in Romania -- told the TV program "Ora exacta in sport." "You can't do things against God's will," he added.
The fight for equality will never be an unbroken upward curve. There are ups and downs in any fight for long-lasting change. That is why, less than 12 months after playing the highest football match in history, a group of female footballers are to attempt another record-breaking feat -- to play football at the lowest point on earth.` Should they succeed, they will have broken world records for both the highest and lowest FIFA games in history within a year.
At the Norwegian Embassy in Britain's capital, Norway's men's and women's captains -- Stefan Johansen and Maren Mjelde -- and representatives of the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) and Norway's players' association (NISO) signed an agreement on equal pay in a deal thought to be the first of its kind in international football.