"We know this from the date of other coins bearing the same slogan in identical lettering. It was said at the time, that the suffragettes had copied the practice from anarchists, who were defacing similar coins with the phrase ‘Vive l’Anarchie’. Precisely just how many coins were defaced is unknown: several other examples are known to exist besides the Museum’s ‘Votes for Women’ coin, but the effort required to deface a single coin means it is unlikely that many were made."
Out of the 29 statues in the park, none are currently of real women. There are only fictional women, created by men, including Lewis Carroll’s titular character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and Shakespeare’s Juliet. In fact there are only five public statues of historic women in all of New York City, so the addition of Stanton and Anthony is significant in giving women’s history representation in the city’s monuments.