“We don’t have the common formula for, ‘You did something bad. You have to do this to make it up to us. You make it up to us. The slate is clean. Let’s move on,’” said Kabrina Chang, who teaches classes on ethics at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business. “This is coupled with the fact that we’re looking at sort of a public awakening of hundreds of years of sexual harassment and repression of women.”
“One production company I’m working with submitted a list of director choices to me that was over 50 percent women,” C. Robert Cargill, a writer whose credits include horror feature “Sinister” and comic-book movie “Doctor Strange,” said in an email. “There’s a wealth of long-neglected talent out there and Hollywood is starting to realize how much they were missing out on by leaning on the male-driven meritocracy. I think the landscape of Hollywood five years from now is going to be very different than it is today.”