"For a long time, Timothy and I didn't see ourselves represented, and so we didn't quite feel like we belonged," Ashley Cain-Gribble tells CNN Sport. "And for a long time, people had things to say about us. Even when we teamed up, they had a lot of things to say about my body, or about Timothy's sexuality. People still will make those comments."
Margaret Maughan, Great Britain's first Paralympic champion, has died at the age of 91. Maughan won the landmark gold medal in archery at the 1960 Paralympics in Rome and went on to compete at five more Games. She was a strong advocate for the Paralympic movement and lit the cauldron during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics in London.
For the first time ever, a women's team has been crowned team of the year at the World Rugby Awards. The New Zealand men's side have picked up the award for the past seven years, but it was the All Blacks' female counterparts, the Black Ferns, who capped off their World Cup-winning year with yet more silverware. "The team has just been on an absolute high this year," Portia Woodman, who was also crowned women's Player of the Year, told CNN at the awards ceremony in Monaco on Sunday. "More people are recognizing women's rugby players in New Zealand. You get more people coming up to you, saying 'Oh, we watched your game. It was an awesome final, congratulations.' We never had that before.