In 2017, the year with the most recent global data, the United States had a higher maternal death rate than the lower-income countries of Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Portugal, Qatar, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Uruguay, according to separate data from the World Health Organization and several other groups.

Why female shooters are rare

Jacqueline HowardMadison Park / CNN
In an FBI list of active shooter incidents in the United States from 2000 to 2017, nine of 250 incidents identified involved female shooters. There's no one accepted definition for mass shootings.
"Whether it's contemporary or 19th century, they want to know what size it is or what size it would correlate to, or what measurement it is," she said. "We as a culture, as a society, are obsessed with size. It's become connected to our identity as people." This obsession fuels societal pressures to appear a certain way and to have a certain body type, particularly among young women, stemming from a cultural construct of the "ideal" body, which has in turn changed over time -- as long ago as pre-history.