“I want her to have a huge positive outcome because it does something really important for female entrepreneurs and, specifically, founder-CEOs,” Rent the Runway’s Hyman told Recode in an interview on Thursday. “I want her to have this success because we work in an industry where pattern recognition is still the name of game. So the more people like Katrina — and hopefully people like myself — who deliver results, the more other women are going to get opportunities.”
One thing I thought Amazon might point out is that there are several women running important parts of the company at the level below the senior vice presidents. They include Toni Reid, a vice president overseeing Alexa; Stephenie Landry, a VP who runs Prime Now; and Jennifer Cast, the vice president running the company’s Amazon Books retail-store initiative. However, it doesn’t seem clear to the employees Recode spoke to if or how these VPs might ever reach the SVP level, where they might have a more direct line to Bezos.