How big a difference do a pair of breasts make? According to a recent study, women suffering cardiac arrest in public are 27% less likely than men to receive CPR. So to help mark National CPR Awareness Week, agency Joan Creative decided to try to fix the problem by designing an attachment that will turn any CPR mannequin into a Womanikin.
A new augmented reality app aims to bring the other 50% of the population into the picture. “Lessons in Herstory” aims to remind students that there are women to remember as well. If you scan an image of a male historical figure in "A History of US, Book 5: Liberty for All? 1820­–1860", the app unlocks a story of an important female historical figure from that same period. Scan President Zachary Taylor, and you’ll see an illustration and story of Cathay Williams, the first African-American woman to enlist in the army during the Civil War, when women were prohibited from entering the military.
Because women make up nearly half the workforce, when you’re writing a script with a woman in it, assume she works. Just start there. When you’re writing a story for a man, assume he knows how to change a diaper and make dinner. Assume he’s capable, because so many men are awesome and capable. Just start there. So many stories don’t start there. Let’s start with how the world looks today.”
Picking up where it left off last year, Target has once again launched its new swimwear campaign featuring model photos that haven’t been photoshopped or retouched. In a release, the company said, ” Building on the strong foundation we set with last year’s campaign, we’re celebrating women and encouraging them to embrace the beauty of their own bodies.”