This sort of tiny examination forces the writer to consider what we assume is the default, and how whiteness, maleness, heterosexuality, and ability tend to be centered in our culture. It’s a useful, though tiny, exercise in remembering that not everyone you deal with is going to be the default. Cox even coins a new term, a “micro-justice,” a small thing that someone can do to correct a tendency to put whiteness and maleness front and center.
Our women’s team is currently ranked number one in the world ahead of Germany, and not only qualified for, but won the last FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015. This comes on top of wins in 1991 and 1999. Indeed, the U.S. women's squad has not come in below third place in the tournament's history. The USWNT has also medaled in every Olympics from 1996, when the sport entered the games, to 2016 when it lost in the quarterfinals in a penalty shootout.