The feminism behind “Ocean’s 8”

Danielle ChiriguayoLizzie O'LearyPaulina Velasco / Market Place
"I'm always going to be happy when people are talking about feminism — if it's a corporation or you know the young woman on the street corner selling lemonade. I mean I'll take it. I think one potential antidote to the fear that it's being co-opted in some kind of way or the work is being missed is, to look at the people who've been doing the work for a long time and I think...How do I give those voices a platform, how do I hold the door open for those people when I've been fortunate enough to get into position where we're getting to tell the story on a really big platform and really big scale. I think that's one of the incredible things about our cast and our crew, is that they've been really aware of how potent and powerful representation is in it of itself."