Oliver beseeched the states to take a stand and ratify the ERA. The states that could make history include Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, either Carolina, Utah, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama (“It definitely won’t be you”) or Virginia (“You’re the birthplace of Chris Brown, Rick Santorum and Pat Robertson, so frankly you owe America this.”) Oliver just had one request: “Somebody please do it before Florida, because I do not want to give them credit for this.”
Specifically, the prize money for this year’s women’s World Cup is $30 million across all 24 teams, double the $15 million it was in 2015, but still a sliver (7.5%) of the $400 million in prize money for the 2018 men’s World Cup in Russia. And the total prize money for the men’s teams playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will rise to $440 million. According to the Australian players’ union, at this rate, it will take until 2039 for pay to become equal.
Fast Company has assembled a list of 51 musicians worthy of attention who are in the same overall genre as Adams and who (again, as far as we know) haven’t: tried to leverage their star-making power for their own nefarious benefit, taken advantage of upcoming artists, sexted underage fans, and smashed the dreams of anyone who passed on the offer of trading sex for a boost to their musical career.
Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles and We Have Stories has launched a new GoFundMe campaign to get young girls to see Brie Larson play Captain Marvel. The film is Marvel’s first woman-led move and focuses on fighter pilot Carol Danvers’s rise to become the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film will open on March 8, which is International Woman’s Day, during Women’s History Month.
First up is the tale of Stephanie St. Clair, aka Queenie, a 1920s Harlem gangster and enterprising multitasker. Not only did she run a wildly successful organized crime syndicate, which took on a legendary Italian mobster over a numbers game, but she also mobilized her community–writing editorials on legal rights, the importance of voting, and how to fight back against police brutality.