While female stunt coordinators are a rarity, Bell says she hasn't had any issue commanding authority. She credits her tight-knit crew of Tarantino regulars who've seen her entire journey. “I was a baby and now I am heading a department,” she says. “I have come a long way from a girl with pigtails and acne showing up and going, ‘Hey guys, I’m here! Where do you want me to fall over?’”
While big studio movies in the young adult fantasy genre (Hunger Games and Twilight franchises) have seen global success with female stars, the spy genre has traditionally featured male leads. Heralding a new crop of female-driven spy films was this summer's Atomic Blonde, starring Charlize Theron as an MI6 agent. "It shouldn't be a genre that is strictly male-based," says Nick Meyer, CEO of Sierra/Affinity, which financed and produced the feature. “The things that were attractive to us were that it was something fresh, with a producer-star that was committed to the idea."