“Wigging” is a film industry term that describes the practice of male stunt performers standing in for women on gags. “Painting down” is its cousin, in which white stunt performers stand in for actors of color. Veteran stunt performer Deven MacNair has made it her mission to speak out against these insular practices and demand change, jeopardizing her own employability in the industry in the process.
Major League Baseball is currently the only North American men’s pro sports league to guarantee its players paternity leave. The progressive policy allows clubs to place players on paid leave for up to three days without having to play a man short, as was the case before the implementation of the policy. “It’s 2018 and we should be supporting working parents,” says Scott Behson, a professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and author of The Working Dad’s Survival Guide. “Baseball has been forward on this issue, and by all accounts, this is something that came out of a collaboration between team owners and the players’ union; it was not a contentious issue.”
Buitrago, 37, has built the sport up and forged the path on which women bikers now ride. Now she's focused on the next big issue: women’s BMX is not yet an medal event at the X Games, action sports' premier competition . In fact, there’s a possibility that, as freestyle BMX makes its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020, these female BMXers will be earning Olympic medals before they have the opportunity to do so at the X Games.
Of the 37 athlete-moms studied, 33 percent reported experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression, a rate far higher than the global average of 13 percent. So why would athlete-moms be more prone to postnatal mental health issues than other groups of women? And how can society support these women to help make their transition to new motherhood less difficult?
FanSided Senior Editor Michelle Bruton sent the following Tweet: "I’d like to do an investigative piece on the percentage of male sportswriters who actually played the sports they cover, and at what level, and then share the link to it any time I see a man tell a female sportswriter she isn’t qualified to do her job." The outpouring of responses - on both sides - raises the question: why do women have to work so hard to be taken as seriously as colleagues who have the same training and the same level of experience — or less?
Without the ability to compete in major events like the World Championships or X Games, women’s snowboarding has lagged behind men’s for years. Male freeskiers and snowboarders competed in big air in the 2016 X Games at Buttermilk Mountain, but female riders weren’t invited. As a result, men have been able to push their trick repertoires to include things like 1080s (three full rotations) and double corks, while women have leveled out at 720s and 900s in slopestyle.
Hargreaves wasn’t just breaking new ground in her sport; she was forging a trail socially as well. “[Hargreaves] was a trailblazer, because she climbed Everest alone without any [supplemental] oxygen while breaking down social constructs of what it means to be a mom,” says author and filmmaker Molly Schiot, who profiled Hargreaves in her 2016 book, Game Changers: The Unsung Heroines of Sports History.