Some of the topics the summit will address, according to its coral-pink flyer? Gardening and losing weight. It will feature "local and national experts" on other topics like "a woman's guide to financial planning," mental health, faith, identity theft, and "maximizing social media presence" (presented by Facebook). The keynote speaker will be University of South Florida President Judy Genshaft, who will discuss "the secrets of her success."
The poll found that women who are 35 and older were just as likely to support #MeToo as those under 35 (about two-thirds in each case). Just over half of women of all ages said the movement represents their interests "well." Younger women are just as concerned with possible negative outcomes of the #MeToo movement as older ones. About 31% of women under 35 are "very concerned" about women being denied professional opportunities because men won't work with them, while 23% of women over 35 feel this way.