The number of gender-equal Swedish companies rose to 47 this year, from 39 last year, and they now make up 14 percent of the total. At the same time, the number of companies without any women in management positions also rose, to 81 from 77; as a percentage of all companies, they account for 25 percent, down from 26 percent last year after a number of new companies were listed.

Sweden Says #MeToo

Hanna HoikkalaNiklas MagnussonVeronica Ek / Bloomberg
Under the hashtag #silenceaction (a reference to what Swedish directors say before filming), hundreds of actors, including Oscar winner Alicia Vikander and Noomi Rapace, star of the Swedish version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, said they will no longer stay quiet. Similar campaigns have been undertaken by women in law (#withwhatright), music (#whenthemusicends), politics (#inthecorridorsofpower), the clergy (#lettherebelight), sports (#timeout), unions (#nonnegotiable), and even archaeology (#diggingisunderway), to name a few.