When I saw Wonder Woman, it felt as if I got a glimpse of what could be true of us, too: that we are strong, powerful, resilient and bad a**. What I didn’t expect was for Black Panther to so effectively fulfill that desire within me. I saw depictions of strong Black women, similar to what I have grown up around. My mother was a strong woman, grandmother, and great-grandmother.
Between ¨gender neutral parenting¨ and ¨the Google manifesto¨, there’s a recent ongoing conversation about defying traditional gender roles we can’t ignore. With powerful influencers as role models, such as Malala and Emma Watson, who are constantly inviting us to challenge our perceived notions about gender, women and equality. And, inspiring men, such as Justin Baldoni and John Legend, who are redefining what masculinity looks like — the fight towards gender equality is slowly, but surely, becoming an intersectional affair.