Presenter Jo Coburn presided over a panel which included former home secretary Amber Rudd and shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, alongside the corporation's political editor Laura Kuenssberg. While something unimaginable in Aristophanes's day may well now be seen as progressive - not all viewers were happy. The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Daily Express picked up on the backlash to the all-female panel, with many on social media criticising "woke producers" for putting political correctness and virtue signalling ahead of editorial values
"So beauty all the time is like that," Mihaela says. "Objectifying women, treating them in a very sexualised way, which is unfortunate. "Women are not like that. We have our stories, our struggles, our power, but we just need to be represented, because young women, they see only images like this every day, so they need to have more confidence that they can look the way they look and be considered beautiful. But, Google is us, because we are all influencing these images."