Portraying women as strong, equal characters during the Super Bowl has not, to say the least, been the priority thus far. The big game has more often been a playground for, if not abject sexism, stereotypical images of females (and males). That's when women get a featured role at all, a subtler but perhaps even more challenging problem. From casting women as nags to making burger eating nearly a sex act, these spots demonstrate how low Super Bowl advertising can go.

Super Bowl So Male

Jeanine Poggi / AdAge
"Historically, the reason many people wouldn't hire women creatives to work on the Super Bowl is because they didn't think women were excited or engaged in football and that's just not true," says Aaron Walton, co-founder of Walton Isaacson, the agency behind the ad. "It is smart for advertisers and for agencies to make sure they have women in roles where they have both the responsibility and authority to portray themselves the way they want to be portrayed," he continues.