“We all need to be making conscious efforts to even out those statistics,” Margo Robbie declared. Five years ago, she might have been cautioned to simply be grateful for the lead in her own comic-book blockbuster. But in the current climate, Robbie felt confident raising her voice. “It’s tremendously encouraging to me that she felt like she had the power to do that,” says Joanna Robinson. “A Margot Robbie relatively early in her career can say no with the spiritual strength of this core body of women who’ve survived Hollywood behind her.” And, she adds, men are also consciously supporting the cause. “When I see a woman get hired for the Star Trek franchise with only TV credits to her name [Brit SJ Clarkson’s resume include episodes of Collateral, Jessica Jones – and Doctors], I feel like that’s a man saying: ‘Let’s give this person the same shot we would give a young man in a baseball cap who had one small film at Sundance.’”