"It remains to be seen, of course, whether Congress will end gender-based registration under the Military Selective Service Act. But at least for now, the Court’s longstanding deference to Congress on matters of national defense and military affairs cautions against granting review while Congress actively weighs the issue," Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote.
The U.S. House of Representatives is poised to rewrite its rules — swapping out male and female references like "he" and "she" for gender-neutral terms. The proposal comes as transgender and non-binary candidates are being elected around the country and U.S. schools and companies are adjusting policies and language to reflect society's changing views on sexuality and gender identification.
Athletes Unlimited is a new network of leagues that hopes to reinvent women's sports by bucking the traditional city-based model in favor of a more modern approach. Women's sports leagues have typically mirrored their respective men's leagues, but Athletes Unlimited replaces the "pink it and shrink it" strategy with a reimagined model that leans into modern fandom.
Over the last two years, schools from within the power five conferences (Big 10, SEC, ACC, Pac 12, Big 12) have paid out more than $10.5 million in sexual harassment settlements, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Journal obtained and reviewed 59 settlements coming from 22 different universities and university systems, including Texas A&M, the University of California, University of Colorado and University of Virginia. In some cases, schools pay the accused to make them go away without having to go through the process of firing them, removing them or revoking their tenure.