Giving birth under the Taliban

Elaine Jung and Hafizullah Maroof / BBC
"Primary health facilities across Afghanistan are collapsing… maternal mortality rates, child mortality rates, will increase, unfortunately," says Dr Wahid Majrooh, chief of public health, who is the only minister remaining in post since Kabul fell last month.
A group of former models have called on French lawmakers to abolish the law which determines how long victims of sexual assault have to report to the authorities. The women claim to have been sexually assaulted or raped by their model agents more than 20 years ago. French law says they have run out of time to start criminal proceedings.
Elle Seline, who was bullied at school over her appearance, is to enter the competition make-up-free to "empower young women". Having used make-up as a mask when she was a teen and due to ridicule for having more body hair due to her mixed Greek/English heritage, she wants her entry in the national pageant to inspire the next generation.