Interest in gender lens investing is part of a growing trend among Asia’s rich families, as young generations inheriting wealth put their money to work in more novel ways that may also have positive impacts. A number of studies now suggesting that a focus on gender-equal companies can help portfolio managers outperform.
The number of tellers -- a job in which four out of five positions are held by women -- has dropped more than 20% in the U.S. and Canada in the past decade as transactions move from branches to mobile phones. The figure, already projected before the pandemic to fall further over the next 10 years, may decline even faster after Covid-19 lockdowns accelerated the adoption of digital banking.

Goldman Folds to Pressure on Arbitration Secrecy Stance

and Saijel KishanMax AbelsonSridhar Natarajan / Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. reversed its stance on disclosing the effects of forced arbitration after an embarrassing vote at its annual investor meeting. The change of heart comes after the proposal backed by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson, an early figure in the #MeToo movement, received almost half the votes despite Goldman’s opposition.
While laws have improved in some countries, women in many nations still face legal limits on economic opportunities, including restrictions on travel without a male guardian. And there are still almost 40 countries where women can be fired from their jobs simply for getting pregnant.