“As Madame Lagarde pointed out to me we need to take a look at our financial institutions and our banks to make sure that we have greater gender equality on those boards as well and I would be very much of the same view. “When it comes to our banks and financial institutions, having diversity and gender balance on those boards will perhaps lead to better decision making and fewer unnecessary risks being taken into the future.”
In a letter to the school, publisher Folens said: "We reviewed the book ourselves internally and would agree with the conclusions that you reached in relation to gender and equality representation. "As a result, when we next update this series we will make every effort to ensure that the books better reflect gender equality and include more females playing sports and working in a professional capacity.
“I am so grateful I have a daughter who in the future can turn on WWE and see these women, and follow them and see that they’re good people, to see them doing all these things for charity, but also to see how confident they are. “I think that’s so important, to teach young girls confidence. The fact they can look up to these WWE wrestlers, and be like ‘I’m going to stand up for myself’. We’re so lucky to have this many women in WWE, for young girls to look up to.”