While taking to the streets to protest is one way to show support for gender equality, it's not the only way. To recognize where change is needed, it's also important to understand how women before us helped pave the way. The tidbits of history you might not have known can help inform how to continue moving forward. Here are 13 podcasts about women's history that you can listen to this International Women's Day and every day after that.
Created by film scholar Jane Gaines in 1993, Columbia University’s Women Film Pioneers Project is now an online database dedicated to documenting the contributions women made to the silent film era beyond acting. The database has over 280 profiles of women who worked across six continents in roles ranging from accountants and agents to screenwriters, editors, producers, art directors, camera operators, casting directors, composers, cinematographers, costume designers, and even animal trainers and stunt performers. There are 117 profiles of female directors alone.