A federal judge has denied class-action status for a group of women who have sued Ford Motor Company, alleging rampant sexual misconduct at the auto giant’s two Chicago plants. The ruling marks a loss for the 30-plus women who worked at the plants and filed a lawsuit claiming their male coworkers and supervisors subjected them to sexual harassment, discrimination and threats of retaliation if they reported the inappropriate behavior.
By using the companies’ online price-quote tools, the Chicago Sun Times was able to see how non-driving factors — such as gender, home ownership, occupation and location — can affect how much a consumer will pay. Reporters found that gender discrimination is baked into pricing formulas of four of the seven insurers targeted, which is legal in Illinois along with six other states.
Chicago’s 2019 mayoral race is young, but sexism in politics is as old as water. Sexism was bound to emerge in a contest with a diverse and impressive cadre of five female candidates. There are more accomplished and credible women running for mayor than ever.All five are women in charge. All are a threat to the status quo. Women are running for office in record numbers. That unnerves some old boys to no end.