"The G7 has typically taken up economic issues, security issues, and environmental issues. … So everything you spoke about, you’re right it fits under that lens, but it’s up to the host of the G7 to decide what one additional topic should be on the list, and Prime Minister Trudeau has chosen gender, and I think he’s chosen it rightly, because gender cuts across all of those issues. … Women are half the world."
Grassroots feminist activists in Ottawa for the 'W7' summit this week are reminding the Liberals that women and girls living in poverty and other difficult conditions around the world -- including in Canada -- know best how their lives could be improved and it is time for the G7 to listen. "We want the G7 to think more broadly, beyond the focus only on women's economic empowerment or women entrepreneurs," said Julie Delahanty, executive director of Oxfam Canada. "Women's economic empowerment is key, but we don't want that agenda to be narrowly defined or for the leaders to neglect other important issues."