Are You Man Enough?

Justin BaldoniTony Porter / Esquire Magazine
For the first time in history, men have been asked to examine our past behaviors and think about the impact they might have had on women. For many of us, it’s been extremely uncomfortable, but we believe this discomfort can be used to foster significant and necessary change that will benefit both women and men. Our intention is to encourage men to not turn away as this movement plays out, but to be active allies.
I will forcefully condemn sexual assault and harassment, wherever it occurs. I will not turn a blind eye to sexism and will call it out as unacceptable whenever I see it. I pledge to hold the men around me accountable and not dismiss lurid descriptions or grotesque conduct as “locker room talk” or “boys being boys.” It’s not enough for us to write that we condemn these despicable behaviors. We should use the advantages, opportunities, and, all too often, passes that are given to us by virtue of being men to fight back and speak out against sexism and abuse. ADVERTISE