“(I am) sensitive to the subject of rape, but the claimant’s explanation does not make sense as to why she would keep a child who would remind her of being raped, unless that is not the case,” wrote Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) adjudicator Sarwanjit Randhawa in her April 2019 decision. The adjudicator also said she would have expected the woman to report the rape to medical professionals and her family “if, indeed, it took place.”
Zarmina Nekzai, 58, walked from her home in Barrie, Ontario to the capital city of Ottawa over 13 days to support gender equality and raise awareness about domestic abuse among Afghan women and girls. “I feel very excited, I feel very nervous,” Nekzai said. “There’s a lot of memories, a lot of wishes. [For] every step, I put in a wish for all the women and children around the world.”
“They stopped calling on me and they were calling on Mat. Even when I was at home, I really learned that I had to be really strategic about noticing them because they left me off the hook all the time,” she explained. “In the past, I couldn’t get them off me and suddenly when they spilled their milk or hurt themselves, they were calling for dad. And if I wasn’t really conscious, it ended up that dad ended up taking on all of the work, even outside of my work hours."
On Sunday, the ‘Cats will be honouring their left-handed knuckle-baller by handing out the mini-statuettes to the first 800 fans through the gate prior to the team’s game. Eccles, who has just returned from a trip to Japan, is expected to make her season debut on her own bobblehead day. That means mini-Eccles may be staring back at the real thing on the mound. “It is cool for sure, but it’s kind of weird,” said Eccles. “Hopefully they aren’t everywhere and I won’t be too distracted. I am sure I will see a couple in the stand.”
“When they see their parents treating boys and girls the same — their brothers and their sisters all have to do the same housework, they all have access to the same toys, they’re all in karate and ballet — that starts to chip away at the idea that there are girls’ things and boys’ things.”