What do we mean when we say someone’s nice? Tempting though it is to dismiss “nice” as bland filler—something to say when there’s nothing to say—upon closer examination, nice reveals itself to be a fascinating shapeshifter. Depending on how it’s used, nice is either a compliment or an insult, a soap bubble or a bomb—and that’s interesting. Particularly because what often alters its meaning is gender.
Hussain has witnessed the girls in her program grow into bold and courageous young women. “There’s a huge benefit to offer girls the chance to be physical for health reasons,” she says. “But one of the greatest things we’re doing is breaking the stereotype that girls shouldn’t have self-confidence. Soccer can help build that self-confidence on the field, which enables them to go out into the world and break other gender stereotypes that girls in Pakistan face.”
More than 130 skateboarders traveled from all over the U.S. and from a number of countries around the world — such as Australia, Brazil, Holland, South Africa, France, Colombia, Argentina, Canada, and Japan — to compete in vert, bowl, and street disciplines. At stake: a $50,000 prize purse and a chance to support a local shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Competing in the event was also a chance to shine a light on the growing positive impact of the sport on girls and young women in local communities and beyond.