In the messy aftermath of the #MeToo movement, what did come out of the public airing of deeply personal pain? Did anything change as a result of the stories of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault that flooded the media this time last year? People who were called out are back at work; they have neither been proven guilty nor acquitted. On the other hand, women who came out have had to face a pushback from the industry.
Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of travel platform Expedia, joined Uber as its new CEO last August. After taking over, Khosrowshahi has been trying to take the edge off of Uber’s ultra-aggressive company culture. He listed a new set of cultural norms for the company, replacing the much-criticised 14 values that guided the behaviour of Uber executives and prompted them to sometimes break rules and norms in pursuit of growth, both in their careers and for the company. Khosrowshahi’s top priorities include increasing Uber’s gender diversity, the company’s global human resources head Liane Hornsey said. Uber had hired a chief diversity officer last month. Currently, about a third of Uber’s employees and 23% of its senior leaders are women.