The consulates of seven of the 16 countries that make up the Group of Latin American Consuls are being led by women — the first time that so many Latin women have served simultaneously in that capacity. “It is a conquest. It reflects the position of women in our Latin American societies,” said Marcia Loureiro, consul general of Brazil for the last two years.
In the last two years, games in Mexico, England, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and elsewhere have drawn record crowds of more than 30,000 for a women’s match, topped by the 60,739 that packed a stadium in Madrid to watch Atletico Madrid beat Barcelona in March. “There is an audience,” said Mia Hamm, a two-time World Cup champion and a former world player of the year.
For women in entertainment — an industry where the hours are grueling and unpredictable and travel to faraway locations is the norm — the conflict between work and family can be brutal. While executives at places like Netflix get generous paid leave and many studios have on-lot childcare centers, Hollywood is powered by an army of freelance artists and crew members who do not have reliable access to such perks.