The spaces were introduced by local authorities in Perth in 2016. The multi-story parking lot in the city center has 28 "female friendly" bays located near the entrance and exits. The areas also have upgraded lighting, additional CCTV surveillance and assistance intercoms. Men aren't fined if they park in the bays but are encouraged to follow the guidance. Opinions were divided about the spaces when they were introduced.
"Men's voices are critical because of, not in spite of, their gender. When men speak up against gender disparities or gender discrimination, they not only become visible as allies who can be counted on to support industry or company initiatives to advance parity, they also foster awareness and acceptance about gender inequity as a shared problem not a special interest."
According to a report released Tuesday by Gender on the Ballot, a nonpartisan project to examine gender dynamics in politics, 68 percent of women who supported Biden last November said Harris being on the ticket was a factor in their voting decision. For those women polled who supported former President Donald Trump, 39 percent said Harris being on the ballot was a factor in their voting decision.
A Republican state representative in Idaho argued against federal funding for early childhood education and child care, saying: "I don't think anybody does a better job than mothers in the home, and any bill that makes it easier or more convenient for mothers to come out of the home and let others raise their child, I don't think that's a good direction for us to be going."