Altra Running recently announced its sponsorship of two pregnant runners, Alysia Montaño and Tina Muir. Montaño is a U.S. national champion and an Olympian in the 800 meters, and Muir is a 2:36 British marathoner and host of the podcast Running for Real. In an industry that has historically penalized women for having children, this new move by Altra is setting a new standard.
Storage previously wasn’t sewn into women's clothing; instead, women would wear pockets on a belt around their waist, usually beneath their skirts. They would access these pockets through slits in the outer layer of their dres. These pockets were huge; they were often large enough to carry snacks like oranges and apples. They were also beautiful and personalized with embroidery and embellishments.
Staff members of Marie Stopes International navigate wild bulls, treacherous singletrack, and rushing rivers to make long-term birth control accessible to some of the hardest-to-access places in Nepal. Although short-term contraceptives—condoms, pills, and injections—are generally stocked, these methods are impractical in a place where many women have to hike for the better part of a day to replenish their supplies.