Dahal, who learned to ride a motorcycle at 16, says she has ‘been received everywhere with kindness’ on her 18,000km trip. “I want to empower other women by proving that India is safe for single women to travel,” says Dahal, 28. “I want more women to not depend on news and media reports, and instead try exploring the country on their own. Women should reclaim public spaces and experience this fascinating and diverse country."
The Ministry of Education’s plan comes after a top political adviser suggested that the country needed to combat the increasing “feminisation” of young men who he described as “delicate, cowardly and effeminate”. He said the nation needed to “prevent young men from becoming effeminate”, blaming the women in their families – mothers, grandmothers and female teachers – for spoiling them.
Women who work in the province of Liaoning in northeastern China will be given two days’ leave a month for period pain. The new regulations are part of a government push to improve women’s rights in the workforce, but some fear it will increase discrimination in the workplace and create barriers for women seeking jobs.