"During my time as UN Special Representative, I often heard people say that sexual violence was inevitable. That it was sad and unspeakable, but an unavoidable consequence of conflict. That it was a lesser crime. That it was part of the culture of war. Sexual violence in conflict is one of the cruellest, most inhumane and vicious acts. If sexual violence can be rationalised as inevitable, just imagine the other forms of domination over women that are accepted or seen as unavoidable consequences of culture. Let me be clear: sexual violence is not cultural, it is criminal."
Papers by women scored, on average, higher than those by men. That was true for both first drafts and final, published versions. But the trajectories of men’s and women’s writing styles diverged.The draft of the very first paper published by a female author was just as readable as the draft of a man’s first paper. Women’s papers, however, became more readable as their careers progressed. No such trends were seen for men. Women, it seems, had to improve their drafts to get their research published, whereas men did not.