Spain’s most harrowing gender violence figures have been released less than a week after 5.3 million women workers in the country staged an unprecedented strike against gender inequality and discrimination in the workplace. At a time when women in Spain are gaining an international voice for their fight against inequality and discrimination at work, the country’s courts have released figures that suggest the problems Spanish women face at home are just if not more as alarming.
Spanish women spend an average of 26.5 hours a week doing unpaid work such as raising children, cooking and cleaning, household chores and caring for relatives, while the men get away with just 14 hours. Surprisingly, the division of household labour does not much depend on who is the main breadwinner. While women who work only part time do an average of 29.6 hours of unpaid work (compared to 13.9 hours for men), those women in full time work scarcely do less in the home, 25.2 hours (compared to a steady 13.9 for men).