Launched by two women based in Dehli, Equalitee offers a line of unisex kids’ t-shirts with illustrations that challenge gender norms. The tees are divided into five themes: activity, creativity, opportunity, sensitivity, and equality. The illustration on each one imbibes a message of inclusivity. For instance, the ‘activity’ tee has girls and boys together forming a human pyramid, reaching for the sky. The ‘opportunity’ themed tees, meanwhile, have children playing football together.
Besides the adrenaline rush that kicks in on playing the game, Ultimate Frisbee also makes room for breaking stereotypes, changing mindsets and reforming society as a whole. “The game really helps in changing male-mindsets. I have seen a lot of men, who have never interacted with women in their lives, making comfortable conversation with them. I see men here treating women as equal players, instead of thinking they are some alien species that they need to get creepy with. Not knowing how to behave with the opposite sex in India arises out of a cultural problem, and the game definitely changes it to an extent.”
Yes, I understand that there are still miles to go before we can even dream of gender equality in our society. But in that discourse, where do our boys fit in? Raising these boys in a hetero-normative non-inclusive society, where most men and many women still live and swear by patriarchy, how do we even instil in them values of gender equality, inclusivity and using it as an umbrella term, humanity?