Radner’s most famous characters aren’t commentaries on womanhood; they’re more like an active defiance of its demands, such as politesse or propriety. Gilda Radner poured every part of herself into her work, even the parts the world wasn’t yet used to seeing.
Over the past 16 months, Tracy has become the nation’s leading advocate in the fight against sexual and relationship violence in college football. She travels the country, speaking to coaches and student-athletes across sports and levels about her own experiences and about the ways that they can work to end rape culture. She helps lawmakers in her home state of Oregon to draft legislation that expands rights for survivors.
Reading Reckless Daughter, I was struck by how many of Mitchell’s greatest successes sprung directly from her ability to tune out the men who so authoritatively doubted her—who told her, simply, assertively, that the way she did things wasn’t the way things were done. With all of the stories we currently hear about men in creative industries using power to silence women, this quality in Mitchell feels especially valuable. But it also makes you mourn for how much music by women didn’t get written just because not everyone can be as nervy and impervious to male authority as Joni Mitchell.