Hamilton was a doctor, a scientist and Harvard’s first female professor. She was known for her “shoe leather” epidemiology — wearing out the soles of her shoes from all the trips she made to factories, hospitals and even saloons to carry out her research. Her investigations of toxins in factories led to some of the first workplace safety laws in the country, saving countless American lives.
Lightfoot’s election is the latest in a record number of black women elected mayor in the nation’s 100 largest cities. Lightfoot will become the eighth such woman to lead one of those cities, Chicago being the largest, when she takes office in May. The movement has been swift. Just five years ago, there was only one black woman leading any of the nation’s top 100 cities.
Players were given “beauty kits” and a guide on how to use them. This charm school guide also had instructions on etiquette, which had this to say about how to interact with fans: There is an old saying that "the customer is always right." This, in a sense, holds true of the baseball fan, who exercises the right to talk to you without knowing you, to shout at you from the stands and to voice his opinion, good or bad, of the play on the field. After all, he is your customer and he feels that you, as a player, and the team, belong to him.