Women in NFL

Teresa Woodard / WFAA
“I was originally hired at KVIL radio by Ron Chapman, the legendary hall of fame DJ and executive producer of Dallas Cowboys radio,” Scales recalled. “When I moved from behind the scenes after eight years as the producer in the booth down to the sideline on air, Ron Chapman told me, ‘This is not fair, but because you’re a female and the only female on the broadcast, you will sound different than anyone else on the broadcast. Your voice will stand out. You have to be better. It’s not fair, but that’s the way it is.’” Scales continued, “I accepted it. I put in a lot of effort and now, when its gameday, Cowboys fans don’t care if they’re getting the instant information from the sideline from a male or a female. They just want the information.”
"Little girl magic to us is basically saying to us that you can be a female, and you can do things on your own, that you can be strong. You don't need nobody else," Morehouse said. They knew they wanted to inspire, and their teacher, Thomas Mayfield, knew just how to do it. "I wanted to just let these young girls know that they can thrive and be successful no matter what, so I wanted to put a positive spin on the Demi Lavato's smash hit 'Sorry Not Sorry,'"Mayfield said.