The problem with the way we talk about Woody Allen is not in accidentally saying he is good when he is bad, or bad when he is good—either as a man or as a filmmaker. No, the problem is in giving him the keys to the kingdom of moviemaking. The problem with Allen is his power. The same power that enables him to make artistic choices, and to remain the be-all-and-end-all of “what his movies mean,” also empowers him to do whatever he likes, including abuse vulnerable people.
At 63...Margot Wallstrom, is now Sweden’s foreign minister, one of her country’s most popular — and provocative — politicians. She stands out among the men who guide the foreign affairs of the world’s powerful nations. Raised in the rural north of the country, the daughter of a sawmill worker, she never attended college. After taking the post in 2014, she introduced what she called a “feminist foreign policy,” placing gender equality at the core of Sweden’s international relations.
In a series of tweets posted on Saturday, an officer from Lochaber & Skye police in Scotland wrote: "We know you follow this account and want you to see this. "We’ve told you previously that we think you are at risk of domestic abuse from your partner." The tweets urge a woman to leave her violent partner, but it is understood that they do not relate to a specific woman, but are intended to strike a chord with any woman who is in a similar situation.
Once again, the culture of silence and intimidation that exists to keep the powerful and successful in power and those who rely on them feeling vulnerable, is hardly particular to any one business. If anyone wasn't aware before, the past month has been a crash course in just how ugly it can be out there for women in entertainment, media, politics, sports, restaurants, tech, finance—pretty much anywhere men outnumber women. At the same time, though one quick search of the Internet shows that it's a conversation that's been waiting to be had out in the open for years, we're finally starting to get a handle on how many boys have also suffered at the hands of grown men, boys who have since grown up and are only now finding an environment more conducive to sharing their stories.