Brave aside, Pixar has only released two other stories with a female protagonist: Inside Out, a heartwarming feature about a girl coming to grips with her emotions, and Finding Dory, the blockbuster sequel to Finding Nemo. Yet Chapman is still the only woman who has ever directed a Pixar film, even partially. There are no women attached to any of the studio’s upcoming films, which include Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4—despite the fact that Lasseter himself directly addressed the studio’s lack of gender and racial parity back in 2015, promising that the studio was working on more films with “female and ethnic characters.”
"In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many of the women who work in animation have begun discussing more openly issues that we have dealt with quietly throughout our careers," the letter begins. "As we came together to share our stories of sexism, sexual harassment and, in some cases, sexual assault, we were struck by the pervasiveness of the problem. "We resolve to do everything we can to prevent anyone else from being victimized. We are united in our mission to wipe out sexual harassment in the animation industry, and we will no longer be silent," the letter concludes.