With less population growth across Asia, increased pressure is being placed on older and more conservative generations — mostly men — to continue working, while younger and more progressive demographics, which should include more women, struggle to fill the growing demand.
“Things like venture capital and seed stage financing are only now starting to become more widespread. The startup ecosystem in a lot of cities such as Mumbai, Beijing, and Shanghai is still evolving. They are getting there, but things like co-working spaces are not always top priority,” Huang says. “Female-only co-working spaces have lagged because we’re still trying to figure out what non-gender specific co-working spaces should look like.”
Gender-based violence is emerging as one of the deadliest forms of violence in Asia and it has killed more women than armed conflicts in some parts of the region, an expert on conflict said on Friday, calling for more attention to the issue. Researcher Patrick Barron of the U.S.-based non-profit The Asia Foundation said a two-year study on conflicts and violence revealed violence against women in Asia has greater - and more deadly - impacts than previously thought.