When Dads demonstrate the belief that they offer value to the world — by letting life live through them, by acknowledging their weaknesses but not allowing the difficulty to impede the expansion of their being, by not staying stuck in a victim mindset — they offer their daughters a model of what it means to value one’s self.
They talk about how poor dad is going to go broke with so many girls in the house, because all girls love to shop. And, of course, girls are naturally going to emasculate, manipulate, and henpeck the father of the family — just being around so many girls is going to sap the manliness right out of him. Essentially, this version of "poor dad" purports that every obnoxious stereotype about women and girls is true.
Don’t reinforce major gender differences between children. That means letting your son wear pink and your daughter wear blue. It means inviting your daughters to play the same games as you play with your sons. Don’t buy into the fear that doing so will somehow make your son into less of a man or your daughter into less of a woman.