Making all activities and classes gender-inclusive not only reenforces the idea that there is no such thing as “girl” and “boy” activities, it could also set women up for success later on in life. The chief executive of the U.K.’s Women in Sport, Ruth Holdaway, told the Daily Telegraph that boys be made to do zumba and ballet in gym class in order to make physical education classes more gender neutral. She thinks girls should be given the option to “play cricket” or another typically “male” sport. She told the Telegraph: "Boys should be offered a full range of activities in sport. It might contribute to breaking down stereotypes — why shouldn’t a boy be a dancer? Of course they can be, and we know there are wonderful male ballerinas. Boys should see dance as just as much something they can enjoy as it is for girls."
Despite being a respected figure in the community due to her years of work—and one failed attempt at running for parliament—it was hard at first for Sofi to convince women to join the gym. “A lot of my initial clients came recommended from doctors in the neighborhood who knew me well,” she says, adding that her oldest son is also a doctor practicing in India. “Eventually, the word spread and now women come to me because they’ve heard about the benefits of going to a gym."
“As adults, we should all be ashamed that we have allowed a situation to develop in society where girls disconnect from sport at a young age," Ruth Holdaway, chief executive of Women in Sport, said. "Girls are missing out: missing out on the physical health and emotional well being benefits of being active – and missing out on the life skills that sport helps to develop.”