“The impact of sports on community development can be powerful,” Davis, whose formal title is executive vice president, social iImpact, growth initiatives & legislative affairs, said in a statement . “Sport can, and does, make a profound and positive impact on individuals, communities and has the opportunity to drive positive social change. Having had the privilege of advising the NHL on its CSR practices, I’ve experienced an organization that is truly committed to contributing positively to society and fostering inclusiveness.”
"It can happen," Murphy insists. "It totally can happen. Think about it: No one thought it could happen (when the United States men won gold) in 1980, no one ever would have thought. If there's a hot goalie and there's a magical moment and all the stars and moon align, of course it can happen. "If you think it can't happen it won't. But if you think it can happen, there's a possibility and potential and it will."
"This holds especially true for women, whose opportunities to build on even the most standout collegiate careers are frighteningly slim. That’s not lost on Johnson. With a degree in applied psychology and human development, she’s aware that her future may very well hinge on what she does off-ice. Still, she’s all in on the National Women’s Hockey League. “I’m just enjoying being a professional right now,” says Johnson. “All of my life, college hockey was the top tier, but this is a whole new level of competition.”