ecipients of a Nüsslein-Volhard stipend must be women pursuing graduate or postdoctoral work at a German university or institution, or who received their doctorate in Germany and are continuing their research abroad. For one calendar year, honorees receive €400 per month (about $470) for anything that alleviates their domestic load: housecleaning services, time-saving appliances like dishwashers or electric dryers, babysitters for nights and weekends when the daycare center is closed or unavailable. (Applicants are expected to have full-time childcare arrangements already.) There is also an annual meeting of program alumna, which many recipients say is a crucial source of networking and support.
Men in leadership positions do not have to be concerned about the home while women leaders must always balance their professional lives with the personal, especially if they have children. Anecdotally, too, whether it is in conferences or celebrated interviews with successful women, there is almost always airtime dedicated to how they cope with work and home, together. Many women leaders offer sage advice on the importance of marrying the right person and having supportive in-laws as critical factors for getting ahead in the workplace!