Despite the countless number of Marias, Consuelos and Guadalupes that Hispanic characters always seem to be named, Jane Villanueva is the perfect example of how you can be a Latina and still not fall into the stereotypical mold. There's nothing wrong with having a Hispanic name, but more often than not television caters more to the idea of what a Latina should be, rather than the idea that a Latina can be just about anything, with just about any name, occupation, appearance, orientation, etcetera.
According to NPR: ”Nationally, Hispanic, Black and Asian women make up less than five percent of newsroom personnel at traditional print and online news publications.” And while our country is about 20 percent Hispanic, our voices are nearly absent from political commentary and investigative journalism. This lack of representation undercuts our ability to participate in the national conversation, making it harder for our voices to be heard and values to be seen.