"A big part of it is changing the stereotypes, changing the prejudices that people have," he said. "I passionately believe that it can't just be a fight for girls and women, it's got to be all of us. We need more boys and men getting it, not just because they are fathers of daughters or because they have a sister they care about, but because we will benefit as a society if we have equality," he added, before quoting Malala Yousafzai - "We cannot succeed while half of us are held back."
In total, at least 170 women are known to have been commissioned by the capital’s transport system since 1910. Many more are likely to have designed posters for the system, their identity hidden by initials, subsumed under the name of an Advertising Agency, or simply unsigned. For the first time, this exhibition attempts to recognise some of these forgotten design heroines.