In a 60 Minutes special on American soccer star Christian Pulisic,it was mentioned that the US has never won a World Cup. Twitter was quick to correct this possible error. The US Women’s National Team won the World Cup three times. Was the statement accurate? Did the WNT win the World Cup, or the Women’s World Cup? And if the latter is true, what’s the difference? Sports Illustrated soccer writer Grant Wahl responded to that twitter outrage by tweeting, “Think it’s time that we print folks start calling the tournaments ‘men’s World Cup’ and ‘women’s World Cup’.”
hose who said they were on the receiving end of unwanted attention felt the choice was clear: acquiesce and be rewarded with lucrative ad campaign work, or reject the approach and risk hobbling, or destroying, a career. Many said they still would not speak publicly. In fashion, young men are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. Male models are “the least respected and most disposable,” said the former model Trish Goff.
For men and women to make progress towards understanding each other better, we need to also acknowledge that false stereotypes, assumptions and reactions exist on both sides of the ‘gender divide’, even while it is true that power is not distributed equally in our society, and oppression of some kinds is experienced more directly by women than by men.
I am not a masochist, and clearly as a singer in a rock ‘n’ roll band I prefer the roar of the stadium’s affection to the whistles and boos of town-hall politics. But I must say I quite enjoyed the trouble I got into about a year ago when I was the lone man honored as part of Glamour’s Women of the Year awards. My favorite trash-talking tweet came from a woman who said that in my defense, my glasses did make me look like a 75-year-old granny from Miami. Or another who said it was inspiring how I’d overcome “the adversity of being a millionaire white dude.”
How about Matt Damon refuses to show up to work until his female co-stars are paid as much as he is? How about Jimmy Fallon refuses to interview anyone who has been credibly accused of sexual assault or domestic violence? How about Robert Downey Jr. relentlessly points out microaggressions against female contemporaries until he develops a reputation for being “difficult”?
When we teach boys that there are “boy’s toys” and “girl’s toys,” and that they ought to complain if they get the wrong one, we teach them gender-based entitlement. When we teach girls that it’s okay to play with toys designed for boys and to dress in clothes designed for boys, but we teach boys that it’s wrong for them to wear dresses or play with “girl’s toys,” we erase girls from social relevance. Ultimately, it becomes easier for companies to just make what boys and men are willing to use, because girls and women will be willing to use them, too.
"A big part of it is changing the stereotypes, changing the prejudices that people have," he said. "I passionately believe that it can't just be a fight for girls and women, it's got to be all of us. We need more boys and men getting it, not just because they are fathers of daughters or because they have a sister they care about, but because we will benefit as a society if we have equality," he added, before quoting Malala Yousafzai - "We cannot succeed while half of us are held back."
Cognizant of the fact that it was vital to involve men in the process of finding solutions — sexism, male dominance and patriarchal social norms form the foundation of violence against women — the organisation started conducting regular meetings with the men of the community. The idea was to raise awareness against gender-based violence and to demystify issues relating to sexuality and sexual health. Though the meetings initially had to face a lot of resistance, they gradually found acceptance among the community. Today, the volunteer group has hundreds of active members who participate regularly in these meetings and have started challenging deep-rooted patriarchal norms.
EQO37 Published by Allison B. Clark · December 15 at 7:37pm · "You can come down on me for being a soured former CEO who played by and succeeded under these same male rules. You can say this sounds self-serving, or comes too late. But with age comes some measure of wisdom generated by having lived through the didacticism of history. I don’t want to be a part of this Silent Generation."