"...what I mean is I see myself as a Border Patrol agent. And no difference between female agents, male agents; we’re all Border Patrol agents, and that was something I’ve always, I guess, aspired to throughout my career, but I really—I don’t think I thought about it too much coming up through the Border Patrol. I mean, when I joined the Border Patrol, of course, a male-dominated profession. But the key in the Border Patrol is if you go out, you do a good job, then you’re recognized for it, whether you’re male or female."
“For the longest time, I have more or less ignored a lot of those kind of behaviors,” said Schulman, who started in the Pentagon a decade ago as special assistant to Defense Secretary Bob Gates and served in several roles at the Pentagon and NSC, including as senior adviser to Obama’s last national security adviser, Susan Rice. Now, she said, “as they come back to me, I think, ‘Wow. Why on Earth did I not say anything at that point in time to somebody who would actually have the authority and power to do something about it? And how many women that were my peers where something worse did happen to them?"